BPC Insights for small nonprofits and startups

BPC Insights

BPC Insights is a low cost consulting service for small nonprofits. Our team of mission-driven consultants partners with you to provide essential tools for sustaining and building your nonprofits.

Here’s how we help

During our engagement, we spend time understanding your organization’s vision, goals, and projected outcomes. We work with your team in building your case for support to drive incremental growth to achieve the best results with limited resources.

Depending on your needs, we customize our limited engagement to:

  • Review the mission, vision, and goals;
  • Provide a Case for Support template and review its purpose.
  • Review the existing donors and build your prospect list for managing an Annual Campaign;
  • Work with the client to customize a practical and realistic campaign plan that is well suited to the needs and nature of the organization.
  • Ensure that the campaign plan includes specific deliverables at key points in the consultation process in order to ensure continued communications and accountability.
  • We also work with the client to build in clear indicators of success for the project.
  • Assist in helping the client build a stewardship plan for maintaining its donor base.

Frequently Ask Questions

BPC insights is customizable half-day or specific consulting service for nonprofits to ensure quality success.

Pricing is affordable and customized to the client’s affordability. If you would like to inquire about the service, you can contact us at our email- support@bpc.fund for further information.

We can provide service during business hours or weekends. We can work to your convenience.
We can discuss what is further needed for your organization and partner on an affordable solution.

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