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Senior Vice President, Marketing/Branding/Social Justice Strategy

In this information-sharing environment, trends rise and fall in seconds and brand advocates are won and lost in a series of likes, pins, shares, and tweets. While some rules are still relevant, it takes more than traditional packaging to turn a product into a household name, a message into a movement, and turn an entertainer into on icon. It takes someone like Tashion Macon to predict the future, and then get in front of it.

With her branding savvy and uncanny ability to see the way ahead long before her counterparts, Tashion Macon has emerged as a modern-day marketing guru.
Tashion has over 15 years of experience developing visionary strategies in various segments of the marketing profession and has an award-winning track record for catapulting emerging industries/startups to established bluechip brands into the social lexicon.

Her skillset includes brand strategy, behavioral marcomm, brand management and developing key strategies that drive growth. She has a drive for relationship building, leading and motivating teams and a keen sense of recognizing opportunities for brand growth and targeting specific customer segments.