Our Work in the Government/Public Sector

Public Sector agencies at the City, County, State, and Federal are tasked with addressing the complex challenges that communities and markets face. Having the right partner plays a key role in meeting those challenges head-on.

BPC empowers our public sector clients to master their missions and remove barriers to distribute resources to communities that need them most.

Our past clients include:

  • New York City Emergency Management | New York, NY

  • New York City Housing Authority | New York, NY

  • New York City Department of Education | New York, NY

  • New York City Civic Engagement Commission | New York, NY

  • New York City Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice | New York, NY

What We Provide

We are a certified MBE, with an experienced team that has a demonstrated track record of positioning government agencies for effective and successful service delivery.

We provide:

  • Executive coaching for agency leaders and high potential management
  • Leadership training and development
  • Program and campaign research, strategy, planning, and evaluation
  • Branding, marketing, and strategic communications
  • Community engagement and outreach for targeted communities
  • Survey and community canvassing
  • Conference, event planning, promotion, and execution.
  • Creative content development and design
  • Crisis management and communications management
  • DEI strategy and coaching
  • Educational assessment
  • Grants administration for the public and private sectors
  • Social impact assessments and management
  • Social media and digital program support
  • Strategic planning
  • Staff capacity building that produces actionable implementation plans

Our Certifications

Public Sector Government Thought Leadership

In today’s fast-paced and complex world, effective grants management plays a crucial role in enabling government agencies to achieve their mission of serving the public and meeting programmatic goals. Grants provide vital funding for various programs and initiatives, ranging from education, transportation, climate change, addiction, mental health, youth engagement, addressing the digital divide, and healthcare to environmental conservation and community development. However, managing grants efficiently and ensuring accountability can be a daunting task. That’s where BPC Public Sector Services, in partnership with civil government, comes in.